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Festival Strategy.

Live Nation

As everything changes, and it invariably does change, our clients need to stay on top. They need to predict the change, drive it and ensure that they are positioned to make a success of it.

Live Nation came to us to freshen up the way that they approached new sponsorship. The audience they have is colossal and incredibly well engaged but ensuring they monetised this effectively is a challenge and sponsorship deals can always be made bigger, better, more expansive, more engaging and with more longevity.

We started by asking the question across particular sectors and industries. If these weren't particularly open to sponsorship within the music industry, what were they open to? What were they doing? And how was it working for them?

We delved deep into the stories of each brand, laying bare their sponsorship activity, showing how it was joined up and how it worked in often vast corporations. Looking at trends across sectors, we identified the justifications in each.

Using these as a base, we hypothesised disruption to the status quo, changing the ways in which our client approached sponsorship, how they sold their sponsorship and their audience as well as how they could make themselves more attractive as a partner.

We set out the problem and offered a variety of solutions to enable Live Nation to approach new areas with confidence and with specific and creative offerings that make financial and communicative sense.

Since being commissioned on our first piece of work, Our client has brought in a variety of new clients that would previously have seemed out of reach and we continue to look at the future of sponsorship within their business.