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Sponsorship Performance.


SSE are involved in a variety of sponsorship collaborations across the United Kingdom and each have a remit, in terms of messaging and remit for the brand.

In order to ensure best practise for sponsorship, SSE needed an impartial, in depth and industry-aware look at how one of its assets was performing with a view to determine ways in which they can better awareness, affinity and experience for their customers.

On behalf of SSE we conducted research that would go on to determine the audience and customer perception of the asset, enabling the thoughts of over 2000 people to be known, uncovering the variety of pressure points, misconceptions, positive sentiments and opportunities to change parameters.

We also conducted industry qualitative interviews with highly influential individuals and companies within the music sector enabling us to understand the problems and the opportunities for development of the sponsorship and the asset.

We delivered a roadmap to SSE that showcased all parameters that effect the success of their sponsorship: Awareness, perception, experience, content, engagement, travel and more.

We also delivered a strategy for how SSE move to maximise their sponsorship, ensuring they had the knowledge of the situation and the tools to effect tangible and meaningful changes.